Organic Original Kombucha


Organic original kombucha bottled straight from the tank with no fancy flavourings added. Made from a special blend of high-quality organic teas. This is a punchy, fruity kombucha drink that delivers on flavour time after time. 

This is real, unpasteurised kombucha. Full of flavour and friendly bacteria. Hand made in small batches and naturally carbonated like real kombucha should be.

Real unpasteurised kombucha continues to ferment when bottled meaning it has a short shelf life and murky appearance. Embrace the murky bits, they mean you no harm. Alternatively strain the murky bits out before drinking. Store in the refrigerator at all times and serve chilled. Kombucha may also contain low levels of alcohol (less than 1%). Alcohol is a natural by-product of the fermentation process. Due to this, kombucha is not suitable for young children or pregnant women.

Recommended: 250ml per day. Kombucha has a 30 day best before date. Please note the flavour will become more tart as it ages

Ingredients: filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic tea mix, kombucha cultures

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